About Segoso

Segoso is a nearshore outsourcing provider of outstanding customer service solutions

Segoso is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Sequium Asset Solutions LLC. We are a privately-owned and fully redundant nearshore outsourcing solution located in a state-of-the art facility in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a strong presence in the continental US. We are proud to be a trusted and reliable outsourcing solution for a wide array of companies including Fortune 100 Companies within the financial, health care, utilities, telecoms, and retail industries.

Our company is rooted in honesty and an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Segoso experienced team creates revenue-driven success for businesses in highly regulated and competitive industries. We have the full service support which companies need in order to improve customer satisfaction and create real results that trim operational costs, reduce risk, and boost revenue.

The Segoso Mission

The Segoso Caribbean Mission

To deliver the absolute best results for our clients through the speed and clarity of our world-class team that is dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences and meeting the demands of today’s consumers.



Segoso Caribbean is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and we have additional brick and mortar space in Atlanta, GA.. We also have an additional 300+ agents spread across the domestic US and offer geo-blended solutions to any of our clients. Our  client point of integration in the US is in Atlanta, GA  with additional redundancy in Naples, FL. There are no single points of failure anywhere within our networks, which means we deliver maximum reliability and availability to our clients and their customers across the board.

Blended Solutions

Our company provides nearshore outsourcing solutions across a wide array of business verticals. Our flexible approach and affordable business solutions reduce overhead and deliver an improved customer experience. By combining multiple services under our roof, organizations can provide expanded customer options with extended service hours to meet the growing demands of today’s consumers. Reduced wait times create happier customers, and fewer abandoned calls leads to increased revenue. Our agents are extensively trained and operate within each client’s parameters while meeting the diverse needs of businesses and allowing for limitless scalability. First Call Resolution is a critical KPI for us and for most of our clients.

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Meet The Team

Sebastian Tickle

President & CEO

Meghan Jean

Chief Compliance Officer &
General Counsel

James Harrelson

Chief Technology Officer

Kalie Schubert

Director of Business

Ingrid Trevino

Director Of Client

Ricardo Treviño

Country Director – Mexico

Terence Cheatham

Chief Human Resources Officer

Tracey Baugh

Head of Employee Development

Ashish Jhingran

Head of Workforce Management

Randal Bernard

Director of Training and Organizational Development

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